Dee Neverson
9237 Frankford Ave.   Philadelphia, PA 19114
Phone: 267-241-9575    Office: 215.335.6900   
Fax: 215.335.0810

         A native of the Philadelphia area, I earned a BS in elementary education, with a concentration in fine art, from Chesnut Hill College.  I immediately began a teaching career in the School District of Philadelphia as a classroom teacher.  Realizing that I wanted a change, I decided to forge a path in the real estate industry in 2006. 

        I love working with buyers and sellers!  While my title is sales associate, I see myself as more of an advocate and educator in helping people to get through one of the most stressful and important financial transactions of their life.  I understand that a house is a home and there are a lot of emotions that can cloud decision making, so I will take the time to clearly outline all available options.  I will pick up as much of the stress and run-around as possible, so you don't have to.  I truly believe in treating others the way you would want to be treated.  I came to Re/Max because of the excellent professional atmosphere and the technological and educational componets that continues to push the company into the future.

     I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes me stand out from other agents, (updated Oct. 2011) and the truth is there are many good agents out there (I work with some of them).  I have decided on a few things that make me a strong competitor in the field:  I have a very solid understanding of the Pennsylvania agreement of sale and pay attention to the details that comprise the contract.  I make sure things get done!  I take time to listen to my clients and answer all of their questions, even the ones they think are "stupid", and explain each step of the process.  I am an effective negotiator. I will never give an answer to a question I don't know, but I will find out.  I will never try to tell you what to do, only lay out the implications of each decision and help you process it.  I am always available in a timely fashion, while I do make time for friends and family, you are important to me and I will get back to you. I will always behave professionally, respecting your property, your financial well being, your emotions, and your time.  I am always working on improving and I listen to constructive criticism. I now have over 5yrs. of experience in this industry.  I am up front and honest, this I take special pride in. Like you I am many things, I am a mother, wife, sister, daugther, grand-daughter, friend, parent volunteer, voter...and hopefully your Realtor! All of these things matter tremendously to me and all come before the dollar.          

             I always answer questions free of charge ;) and I am never too busy for your referrals!!!!